Thursday, December 19, 2013

I am a World Before I am a Man

The world is building toward a collective society, a world society. As history shows, interconnectivity grows over time. With the invention of the internet, we are now able to share live information across many channels on a nigh-instantaneous level. As these connections improve, miscommunications (which are at the root of many societal problems) diminish. This leads to a slow, but steady movement toward a world society. 

Selfish actions become diluted and discouraged as the world evolves. If you disagree with this, you imply that selfish actions are indeed needed. To continue this thought, you would logically imply that the human race/genome would profit from selfish actions (what else could you argue?). I disagree and argue that the time for community action is now.

This is not just an informational piece telling that generally people are more worldly, but a call to consciously shift the decisions you personally make to favor the worldly whole, as opposed to selfish gains. Wholly selfish decisions only create hardship and strife for those around you, while incorporating your community's health into your decisions helps yourself and everyone around you. 

You are a world before you are a man. Now act on that knowledge.