Thursday, August 28, 2014

Special: Crazy "Crazy" Movie Theorists

Warning: post may need to be read twice, please see closing note. 

Have you ever seen those (very reasonable) arguments that movie plots are the story of insane minds?

They are everywhere, here's just a couple easy ones:
Harry Potter
Pokemon (it's a game obviously, but you get the idea)'s_Coma

Some even go so far as to embrace the idea in the movie:
Shutter Island
Sucker Punch
These are interesting but you don't have to read them now as they are not the basis for the rest of this post. 

Why is this such a popular and intriguing idea? Well for one, some of these theories are very compelling. But if you take a step back, consider how interesting the Theorists themselves must be.

Consider this... Most people watch movies. They are interested and enraptured in the plot. They are drawn in and are committed to the story. They care what happens to the main characters and how the climax unfolds.

These Theorists however aren't just done when the credits start rolling. They are committed. They go beyond the normal conclusion. They pick it apart and frame it. 

Maybe because that's how the Theorists' brain works in the first place. I posit that this person may have the first signs of a sick mind themselves.

Thoughts? Is this line of logic sound?


If this post was a little difficult to get on the first read through, please try again with the definition of the new propper noun, Theorists, in mind. 

PS. I haven't been able to find a depository of these types of theories. They can be very interesting and a blog or some type of forum featuring these movie analyses could be successful.