Friday, December 25, 2015

Creatures of the Light

Go outside just in your backyard tonight, turn out your porch lights. Just relax for a few minutes in the cold. See where your eyes focus and rest on. My bet is your eyes gravitate towards the lights around you in your neighborhood. Now - find a deep and dark corner in your yard and focus on that. Look deep into it and try to identify anything there. A certain part of you feels uneasy when you do this. 

Now while you can just flip on your porch lights or go inside, consider your ancestors even 80 years ago - before industrial electricity. They gravitated to light just as you do now. 

What a blessing it is to be able to summon light to your side - to live in an eternally well-lit world. Consider all your ancestors whose lights went out in the night, whose candles waned, whose campfires died. They had to wait for the light on the horizon or get comfortable with staring into those deep dark corners of the world. 

You are blessed.