Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I, We, Gaia, pt 2

You are the world. 

Hold on, we're not done with that word yet. You are the world. 

Even as small as you perceive yourself to be in the grand scheme of things, you are an alive, conscious, member of this society and universe. That is amazing. That is something to take within yourself and live every action by. You were made from the world, you are in it and experiencing it now, and you will return to it in 5....4...3...2...1...

Take your life and live it on purpose with that knowledge. Learn from everything. Have goals. Be at peace. Be charitable. Have humility. Be zealous. 


Engage with, not only yourself, but everyone around you. Cut those out that have bad intentions or that need to be left behind - but you will never even know who those people are unless you engage them. 

Stop with your ongoing inner monologue. Listen.

An empty bowl is more useful than a full one. Accept what others say and look for deeper meaning - don't just wait for your turn to speak - conversation is a flow, unless you're trying to tell a personal story start to finish. 

You are the world. When you speak to someone it is you, the world, speaking to itself. Don't let it pass you by, for any reason.