Monday, December 15, 2014

You Don't Listen

And while this comic is just dealing with an awkward situation through humor, it is a sign of a deeper social decay. 

It is just an example of how objective-oriented culture and communication has become. 

Before we continue, the above example is the closing conversation, but it happens with opening conversations too:

So what does that mean, when both beginnings and endings to conversations are gone? All that is left is the middle - the facts and meat of the conversation, usually dealing with the business that caused the need for the engagement in the first place. Pleasantries and thoughtfulness are left behind. Pleasantries and thoughtfulness that make you engage with people in real ways. 

So not only do you not listen, by extension, continuing the train of events, you do not want A. a chance at a meaningful conversation outside, and B. (therefore) a chance at making new friends

That is one of the many ways to make friends, is it not? 
1. Engage stranger
2. Meaningful conversation
3. Continuing conversations and gatherings 
4. Friendship

This doesn't mean you can't make friends otherwise (of course), but you are, however insignificantly, affecting your chances. 

Don't argue that these are comics and art and fun - everyone knows art imitates life