Thursday, July 30, 2015

Victory and Defeat

Life brings many matches, games, and arguments which place you against another, where a winner and a loser will be decided. Oftentimes outcomes are neutrally beneficial (like in the case of a convincing argument) or there has been no great investment from either opponent. 

But sometimes...

Sometimes a match will result in a clear victor rewarded with spoils and a loser with an ongoing disadvantage. 

To win...

Never announce to your opponent that they are defeated in any way even when you (or spectators) are confident in the outcome. 

Announcing draws a line in the sand and can hurt your position. Drawing this line yourself can only hamper your efforts and ability to close the victory. To your opponent, this announcement may cause one last hail merry. 

If the fight was lost and won through great effort (which it logically has since you can't consider the opportunity to announce unless there has been struggle) then great victors know the strength of those they've defeated, and therefore know not to test their fight or flight mechanism with a final victorious announcement. 

Smart victors make sure their opponents fade away silently into the background, disallowing them the opportunity for a final defense.

Every tv/movie/drama that brings a victor to stand over the defeated to showcase their victory is teaching poor tactics.