Thursday, July 30, 2015

God, the Father (An Origin Story)

Again this blog is about thought experimentation. Please read it with the enlightened tone I meant it in, and not a harsh one as I think it can be easily misinterpreted, especially with the last sentences - which I kept only for strength of message.

I wrote this to posit the logical certainty that God creation is inevitable.


Our fathers are people who we learn from, who show us the right way to live - but what happens when we transcend them or have their flaws revealed to us?

Our superheroes topple. And how does one keep moving forward when before there was an objective and idol, and now there is none? 

I will create one.

He will be all knowing - where my mortal father failed to advise, He will have my answers.

He will be eternal - where my mortal father succumbed to sickness and age, He will live on to support me.

He will be beyond my understanding - where I transcended my mortal father, He will always be able to teach me something.

He will be sovereign - where my mortal father's justice failed, He will be perfectly lawful to all parties.

He will be unchanging - where my mortal father had inconsistencies, He will be my fortified rock and always dependable.

Now that I have created my new Father, I will share him with all my brothers so that they may have what I have and share in the joy of His antithetical perfection.


Could this all be the mind-games of a man who couldn't understand his own father's mortality and imperfection?