Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Consciousness and The Vessel

It feels so dark behind my eyes

Feels, because it is outside the five senses,
Dark, not in the sense of sight, but in absence and oblivion,
Behind, because where sight fails, your being searches still beyond,
Eyes, because while sight is such a wonderful sense to possess, truly a miracle of biology that allows you to see the miracles of nature on this special place we call home and earth --- beyond this miracle is the miracle of consciousness 

How odd is it that bundling your sensory inputs and big brain your consciousness springs into being? After all, you are just a vessel carrying your true self. Keep your vessel in good health so your true self can flourish and not be dogged down by petty maladies. 

Poorly maintained vessels drag on your true self over time and take you down from any higher-conscious-state you could be experiencing.

You are a miracle, life is a miracle, live everyday on purpose.