Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I have a weird relationship with language

Why? Because. Are you familiar with the concept of bias? Of the bias inherent in speech and language. 

Every word you use to express yourself is in the dictionary. Very few people have ever read the dictionary, much less look up definitions occasionally. And this is not about them anyway. 

More aptly, most people learn words from other people and context. So the words they learn and then use are from characters (read: primary influencers; parents, teachers, progenitor,  best friends, heroes, enemies, and especially abusers) which one can emulate or not. But whose character is built into the use of the word. History, context, and experience build layers into each word. 

So individuals communicating together depend on accurate, true, meaningful, impactful, heartfelt, and devastating word choice. And one can only trust that their partner can see through and overcome the veil of both people's bias to find true mutual understanding. 

Tearing apart the veil and bias takes effort - which many don't have or have given up on.

Now multiply this concept for the speaker and listener by every word they use in every terse or verbose interaction. 

Now dissect it in real time.