Friday, July 27, 2018

Boundaries; The Land and Sea

Boundaries, transitions, and changes between two disparate phases or physical forms is a major life catalyst. The variance and excess of life at these transitions is most elegantly demonstrated between the water and land - consider the coral reef. On the other hand, realize there is lack of life in the desolate, unchanging wastes where scenery doesn't transition for miles. This law of nature is not only relevant for the external to oneself, but also the internal. Realize that change must be embraced to inspire a richer and more diverse life.

Be present and don't live in the past. If you are on land and miss water, go to the water or vice versa. Don't miss, waste energy, or spend time dwelling on what could be or could have been. Energy is time and time is the only thing you'll never get back. Your one true currency.

Additionally, If you are otherwise obligated to be in the water and you still miss the land... redouble and embrace your active presence to keep inspiring life, and bide your time and let the anticipation build for that release when you finally do return to the land. Either miss it and actively await it's return or release its relevance to your life. Forget about it; find new land and return there

Discover new land always, but don't get addicted to the always new lands and waters. One must return to some of the same waters and lands repeatedly in order to build, rebuild, and strengthen. Your quality of life in the rooms you occupy only increases with time spent again and again. It is an iterative process. 
Failure in a land cannot mean an 100% abandonment rate of returning to that land. 

On the other hand, if you stay in the water too long you get swept out to the desolate seas, if you stay on land too long the lands turn to ash beneath your feet and you will deserve it.

Just as the sea crashes into land, life is a series of waves that will wash you from sea to land or vice versa. The question is will you fight the wave or ride it and tame it's violence. Use the waves to launch your ship to sea or surf it to shore. There is no correct answer. Life is in balance, rhythm, waves, and choice.